Monday, July 11, 2011

Pray for the Church in China as Chinese Priests Defend Their Bishop

The great Cardinal Joseph Zen visited Saints Peter and Paul last Thursday, and spoke to our Chinese parishioners. Unfortunately (for me), His Eminence spoke in Cantonese, so I was unable to understand, although some friends translated when they could. His Eminence told us of the attacks by the Communist government on the true Church in China. He said they even put "moles" into the seminaries, whose loyalty is not to the faith but to the government. I found that easy to believe.

Here is a story about the situation, dated July 10, from Spero News:

"The priests of the Diocese of Liaoning gathered today in the house of the bishop of Shenyang to protect him from being forcibly deported. The bishop, Mgr. Paul Pei Junmin, it was in fact ordered to go to ordain Fr. Joseph Huang Bingzhang in Shantou on 14 July, in an ordination without papal mandate. It is possible that Mgr. Pei will be dragged by force to attend.

Some sources also cite the 15 or July 17 as the date of the ordination. If it occurs, it will be the first case after the latest statement from the Holy See on excommunications related to the Leshan ordination of June 29....

All the priests of the diocese gathered in the bishop's house for an emergency meeting and to discuss the problem. They have signed a joint declaration criticizing the Chinese authorities for forcing their bishop to attend the Shantou ordination.

At the moment they are protecting the bishop from being taken away by force by government authorities. The statement also explains that the priests hope the Lord will give the government authorities the sufficient grace to recognize the truth.

Pray for the Church in China!

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God Bless you father and all the saints and martyrs of China and all the persecuted christians, i pray for you all.