Friday, August 12, 2011

"Vatican calls Mexican Bishop to Rome over ties to pro-abortion/gay groups "

More fine work from LifeSiteNews.

The Canadian pro-life news organization has ruffled many feathers with their exposes of "Development and Peace" (Canada's version of Catholic Relief Services) which we have followed here, and the exposure of wacky Canadian priest Fr. Raymond Gravel, which we have followed here. Recently, they have been covering the activities of His Excellency Raul Vera Lopez, of Saltillo, Mexico.

Read the full article here, and follow the provided links to learn more.

Confirmed: Vatican calls Mexican Bishop to Rome over ties to pro-abortion/gay groups

SALTILLO, August 12, 2011 - Bishop Raul Vera López of the Diocese of Saltillo, Mexico, will be meeting with Vatican officials in late August or early September to discuss his affiliation with a homosexual organization that embraces the 'gay' lifestyle and condones homosexual relationships.

The diocese’s spokeswoman, Maria Arriaga, confirmed the meeting yesterday to the French Press Agency (AFP).

The bishop will travel to Rome to 'respond to questions that they will ask him about the work that he carries out currently with the community of San Aelredo,' Arriaga told the agency.

She added that 'up to now, this will be the only motive of the visit. Perhaps when he is there it is possible that other topics will be discussed.'

Arriaga also claimed that Vera López 'has denied that he has pronounced in favor of abortion, as his critics hold, who question him for asking for clemency for poor indigenous women incarcerated for abortions in certain Mexican states,' the AFP reports.

The statement appears to be a response to recent LifeSiteNews articles exposing the bishop’s leadership of two groups that participate in a pro-abortion 'human rights' network and whose names appear on documents calling for the decriminalization and government provision of abortion..."

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Anonymous said...

You are spot on re:the public funding of abortion enshrined in Obamacare. No one should have the choice to commit murder. Gay people, however, didn't choose their orientation and ought not be condemned because of it. I knew you and your beloved mom back in the day. You mentored me at Bellflower and let me work beside you in building the E. LA Boys Club.Years later you were a gracious host to me when I visited you at both Provincial houses. As a teen, I thought of you as a surrogate father and hung on your every word; yet I never recall hearing uncharitable remarks directed at any minority groups.I counseled my own children to pray for homosexuals, not condemn them.
I wish you well, Fr. John.