Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why SF Politicians are Harassing Pregnancy Centers

Today, two San Francisco politicians joined those from Baltimore and New York in presenting an ordinance to hamper the work of San Francisco's crisis pregnancy centers. The two are Supervisor Malia Cohen, who is one of those black politicians (like Barack Obama) who service the abortion industry while that industry exterminates black America, and city attorney Dennis Herrera.

The laws in Baltimore and New York have already been overturned/put on hold by judges, on First Amendment grounds. We'll see if this one gets overturned too, or if they have crafted it more craftily.

Now, helping crisis pregnancy centers would seem to be a sensible thing to do, but not in a one-party ideological state such as San Francisco. The real purpose of the proposed ordinance is twofold: first, to harass the crisis pregnancy centers at public expense. That's because they threaten the Democrats' sacred cow, Planned Parenthood. It's just a fact that every baby born represents a financial loss for Planned Parenthood, and centers such as First Resort and Alpha Pregnancy help babies to be born and raised. Secondly, Dennis Herrera is running for mayor, and he thinks this will help his campaign.

Here's today's story, from LifeNews:

"Officials in San Francisco are launching a new campaign to target pregnancy centers in the city that help women find abortion alternatives with a new law similar to ones passed in Baltimore and New York.

Supervisor Malia Cohen and City Attorney Dennis Herrera have spent months on an ordinance that would, if passed, require the pro-woman centers to disclose whether they are abortion alternatives agencies that, supposedly, don’t provide comprehensive health care. The pair have made erroneous claims that the centers are engaging in misleading counseling and advertising.

The two announced the new initiative at a press conference — where pro-life advocates participated and asked them questions challenging their assumptions."

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