Sunday, January 22, 2012

Father Malloy Specially Honored At Walk for Life West Coast

Well deserved, and God bless the old priest!

At yesterday's Walk for Life West Coast, Eva Muntean thanked all those who make the Walk for Life West Coast possible. She began by thanking "all of our spiritual leaders, and especially our dear 90 year-old chaplain, Fr. John Malloy who has been with us from the beginning...he is our chaplain, he is our everything."

Father could not make it to the Walk this year, but he made it to the dinner afterward, along with Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, Fr. Joseph Fessio, Fr. Frank Pavone, Fr. Mark from EWTN, Reverends Childress and Hoye, and other clergy. All of his Father's flock at the Walk were delighted, as always, to see him.

We were starving after the hard days work, so he blessed the food at our table quick! The picture shows Dolores & Eva presenting Father with the Gianna Molla Award for Pro-Life heroism at the First Annual Walk for Life back in 2005.

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Shirley said...

Congratulations and well deserved, Father!

Anonymous said...

God Bless You Father for your consistent
orthodox and Truthful voice on the internet in you blog! Thank You!

Gino in Port Ludlow,WA