Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Funny! Catholic Travel Bingo

When Jeff Miller, the King of Catholic Humor, gives it the thumbs up, you know it's good:

From Saint Louis Catholic:

"Summer time approaches again, and Catholic parents across America face the inevitable vacation-by-car. Some parents love this time-honored tradition. Some are forced into it by the natural aversion to TSA sexual assault of themselves and their children. Some are forced into it by a simple mathematical calculation:

if x = one [un]reasonable airfare
and y = number of children
then z = are you kidding me?

Whatever the cause, Catholic families will pile into their mini/maxi-vans and killer SUVs and hit the roads.

When it comes to wiling away the long hours of driving, you should know this: I have a deep disgust with the DVD entertainment system with which many of these vehicles are equipped. I mean, is it so difficult or unpleasant to actually talk to our children that we have to shove a telescreen in front of their faces while driving? If we can't handle interacting with our children for whatever time we spend in the car, then the terrorists have already won."

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