Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tennessee Legislators Take on Vanderbilt U

David French is reporting that at least 20 Tennessee legislators are challenging Vanderbilt University's attempt to, essentially, de-Christianize Christian campus organizations. The legislators said, in part:

"We acknowledge that private institutions such as Vanderbilt University have the freedom to establish its associations and maintain the integrity of its institutional mission. As such, the University has the right to adopt and apply an “all-comers” policy for student organizations. But the state has a right not to subsidize any part of the operations of those organizations, like Vanderbilt University, that engage in unequal treatment of individuals and organizations, the effect of which is religious discrimination."

In other words, pull their funding. AMEN! French concludes his column by writing:

"Unfolding in Nashville is a local encounter with national implications — where Christians, beginning first at the grassroots and now moving up to the legislature, have decided they will not quietly acquiesce to the intolerance and exclusion of the academic elite."

Let's hope so!

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