Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Injured Firefighter Frank Ryan Regains Conciousness

Thanks be to God. The young man, injured in fighting the St. Patrick's fire,  is awake & teasing his buddies--normal fireman's behavior!

"A 16-year San Jose firefighting veteran who suffered a cardiac arrest after fighting a church fire last week awoke Tuesday morning to the delight of his crew and community.

A security guard at Regional Medical Center in San Jose came rushing up to firefighter Russ Davis and said: 'He's calling for you.'

The 'he"'refers to Francis 'Frank' Ryan, who had been in a coma since Thursday after he and crews battled a three-alarm fire at Saint Patrick Cathedral near downtown. Ryan suffered a cardiac arrest and was put into a medically induced coma.

He opened his eyes Tuesday about 8 a.m.

Davis, who rides the fire truck with Ryan, asked his friend why he was in the hospital, and at first, Ryan couldn't remember why. Later, Ryan was joking with his friends, gently mocking colleagues who ride the truck with him, Davis told NBC Bay Area."

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