Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Five Ways

by Thomas Peters
With exactly four weeks to go until four states vote on marriage (Maine, Maryland, Washington State and Minnesota), I can tell you exactly how the fight to protect marriage will be won — or lost.

Let me first describe the 5 ways this fight can be lost:

1. It will be lost if President Obama gets away with secretly encouraging governors to redefine marriage months before he came clean with the American public.

2. It will be lost if wealthy pro-gay marriage corporate executives from Maine to Washington State buy the election by massively outspending us in every state, sometimes by a factor of 10-1.

3. It will be lost if ex-priests and renegade priests in Washington State and Minnesota drown out the courageous voices of Archbishop Nienstedt of Minneapolis/St. Paul and Archbishop Peter Sartain of Seattle.

4. It will be lost if we stand by and watch as the media demonizes pro-marriage bishops and liberal politicians announce they will “investigate” them for their pro-marriage speech.

5. It will be lost if we allow Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups and donors to collude with LGBT activists to provide on the ground resources for passing gay marriage.

Now for the five ways the marriage fight can –and will– be won:

1. It will be won if we fight to elect a strongly pro-marriage President as Mitt Romney has promised to be and has been in his past political career, especially in swing states that have recently voted to protect marriage by overwhelming margins.

2. It will be won if we fight back and donate whatever we can to protect marriage. Your gift to marriage can currently be tripled if you donate here: (almost $100K raised so far!). You can also donate to the four state campaigns directly here and make a public gift in defense of marriage and free speech here.

3. It will be won if we do everything in our power to combat the misinformation spread by our opponents and dissenting catholics about what the Church truly teaches about marriage and family. All four state campaign websites to protect marriage (ME, MD, WA and MN) have clergy and parish resources available. Blog, tweet, email and share on Facebook the Catholic view of marriage!

4. It will be won if we write letters to the editor and call out anti-Catholic politicians who are attempting to marginalize and ostracize courageous pro-marriage voices. Do your friends, family and co-workers know where you stand on marriage? If not why hide the truth? It needs to be told and told now, boldly! Are we taking steps to let our bishops and priests know that we have their back when they defend marriage? The Knights of Columbus are (and God Bless them!).

5. It will be won if you are already active at a grassroots level on life issues and now expand that to act in defense of the family too. Pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood are already in lock step as a political force. Now is the critical time for the pro-life and pro-marriage forces to unite and serve the common cause of defending all members of the human family through building up a strong marriage and family culture. The election is in one month, which means we have four short weeks to do a great deal of good.

If you live in Maryland, Maine, Washington State or Minnesota, this is your time to shine — visit the campaign websites to protect marriage here: ME, MD, WA and MN.

If you live outside these four states this is your time to lend aid and support from afar. Call your friends and relatives in these states and remind them to vote (or register to vote or request an absentee).

And pray, pray hard for our dear country and for these critical fights.

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