Monday, October 1, 2012

My Good Friend Is Gay

“He seems to be real gentleman: polite, kind, cheerful... How can it be bad to be gay with those virtues? Why can’t it be a lawful union to be gay? More and more people are accepting it today. “

You can love and respect your gay friend, but if you don’t hate sexual excess you are not a good Catholic. It is a God-issue more than a Catholic Church-issue. As the commandments, including the sixth, come from God, so only He can change this law. And since He is unchangeable it will never happen!

Your friend’s soul is in danger of hell fire. Don’t fall into the trap of confusing apparent virtue on the one hand, and sexual excess on the other.

Listen to God not to man!

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Dan said...

Rev. Father:

Thank you for the article.

I wonder if you would kindly consider a suggestion from one of your readers. It would be, simply, to recommend that you never, ever use the perfectly innocent word "gay" to describe this unnamable perversion. Please be aware that, more than ever, we are in a war of words, and we must not ever give the enemy a single inch. That they have tried to commandeer that word to describe buggery is an act of genius, because it very cleverly takes away much of the stench of the homosexual disorder among ordinary folks.

But we must not play that game. There are plenty of words that can be used to describe these people. Please reconsider using the word "gay" to describe such horrors.