Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Jesuits and "Womenpriests"

Speaking of Jesuits concelebrating "Mass" with "Womanpriests" here's the famous John Baumann, SJ, (founder of the Obamite/Alinskyite group PICO) apparently celebrating a "Mass" with "womanpriest" Juanita Cordero at the February, 2006 retreat of the West Coast Companeros. The Companeros are a group of Jesuits from the California and Oregon provinces.

According to the Roman Catholic Womanpriests website, Cordero was "ordained" a deacon and thus excommunicated in 2006, and was "ordained" a "priest" in 2007.

So, instead of bringing her back into the church as she is falling away, Fr. Baumann is instead abetting her excommunication. And there is no doubt where she stood--earlier in the same retreat website there is a photo of her flashing a copy of the National Catholic Reporter with a cover story on  "Women Priests." On the website the photo is captioned "Juanita spreads the news".

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


quiddity2001 said...

So sad to see Juanita Codero go down this horrible road. She was a gifted 3rd grade teacher that had a great effect on me as a student when I knew her as Sister Jeanine Marie, SNJM. I attended her final vows and she was so happy. "What happened?" is the question I ask myself.

Wendell said...

It's sad, frustrating and angering to hear of these serious abuses.

Sad, because the individuals have put themselves outside the Church. How can anyone, knowing that Holy Mother Church is the pillar and bulwark of truth (1 Tim 3:15), put their soul at risk by fostering dissent from Catholic teaching?

Frustrating, because the actions of these misguided individuals will lead many astray.

Angering, because they pretend to be faithful Catholics and they are not. Thus, they mock those who strive to live the Faith with integrity and humility.

Lisa Graas said...

Pray for them.