Sunday, December 2, 2012

Totalitarian Homosexualism and Feminism

It is not a new observation but bears repeating: totalitarianism arises when groups attempt to impose an unreal understanding of reality on society. Because assertions such as that same-sex persons can "marry" or that there is a complete equality between the sexes are in fact lies, anything that offers a true understanding of the issues must be suppressed. And since truth is the understanding of reality, and reality is always here, the suppression must be unending. We've discussed this over and over again, particularly in regard to the efforts of homosexualists to impose a false view of reality through legislation. A recent example is the attempted ban in California on therapies for persons desiring to overcome same-sex attraction--something now being pushed in Congress by Congresswoman Jackie Speier. So much for being "pro-choice" and tolerant, huh?

James Taranto, at the Wall Street Journal, for one, has also been noting the totalitarian nature of today's "diversity" crusaders. We have posted on one of Taranto's insights before.

On Friday, Mr. Taranto, commenting on an article by Professor Robert Deaner that boys (surprise surprise) just naturally have more interest in playing sports than do girls. Taranto then asked:

 "So why are the female participation rates in high school and intercollegiate sports so much closer to the male ones? Because the federal government, in the name of 'equal opportunity,' has made a priority of increasing female participation at those institutions under 1972 legislation commonly known as Title IX."

Taranto then noted:

"Probably without meaning to, Deaner illustrates another theme this column has struck in recent months--that of totalitarian feminism.'We certainly don't dispute the need for Title IX or its tremendous benefits,' he ritualistically declares at the end of the press release. You must love Big Brother."

Of course, as the fall of Communism showed us, reality always wins in the end over the totalitarian dream world, but terrible damage is done while the totalitarians are in power.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney

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