Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy 91st Birthday, Fr. Malloy!

As all readers of this blog know, Fr. Malloy has been having kind of a tough time these past few months. 

He's quite lucid and retains his sense of humor, but now he tires very easily. It is amazing to see: he knows exactly what is happening and is prepared for anything. What a blessing and example he continues to be to we who are his sons and daughters in Christ!

Well, today he turned 91 years old, God Bless him! About a dozen of us came to visit. He wanted an ice cream cake, and that is what Katie brought him (green, for St. Patrick's Day). He enjoyed it, too, and of course he enjoyed having us around as well.  But what really made him happy (aside from Fr. Nick bringing Holy Communion, of course) was when Janet and John brought his dog Zack! Fr. Malloy loves animals, all animals, and he had really missed Zack. It's hard to tell which of the two is happier!

Happy Birthday, Fr. John!

Posted by Gibbs, your son in Christ.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Father John. So much love is sent you. Much love and many prayers + . Max looks very happy. Thanks to all who are with Father.

Mame said...

Please give Father a hug for me and wish him a belated happy birthday. I am a blog reader who's had some major computer problems latelys so I'm just now finding out Father's been struggling with health problems. Please also tell him I'm adding him to my daily prayers.

God bless you Father!

Mary Frances from WA State