Thursday, May 9, 2013

"A new and powerful intercessor"

We received a lovely note today from Lisa Hamrick, one of the co-founders of the Walk for Life West Coast, about the passing of Mother Mary Joseph Chavez, OCD.

I wanted to share with you someone who was very dear to me for most of my adult life, Mother Mary Joseph Chavez, OCD. She was a beloved and very saintly friend to so many, and she passed from this life on Sunday morning at 100 years young. She was truly the spiritual mother of the St. Ignatius Institute and Ignatius Press from the very beginning of their foundations. She often told me over the years, that her main work was to pray for the Institute and Press.

Her spirit and prayers and heart were always with all those who came to the Monastery to visit with her and receive her rich counsel, and everyone who came into contact with Mother was the richer for it! As one of the Fathers said in hearing of Mother’s passing – “don’t pray for her, pray to her.” She was truly a beautiful saint and will be an even greater intercessor before God for so many now!

She was also one of our tremendous prayer warriors for the Walk for Life West Coast since we first started. Since she herself could not attend the WFL, she would send a beautiful little painting that she had of the crucified face of Jesus (I was very touched when she gave me a copy of this picture years ago, as it meant much to her). She would say – “since I cannot go, I’ll send Jesus.” And that’s exactly what she did – each year, she would give her little painting of her beloved Jesus to someone who was participating in the WFL, and they would carry it for her to the WFL events. So simple a gesture yet truly profound in a way, as she united herself entirely in spirit and prayers each year to the WFL! And, we were so deeply grateful!

For anyone you know in the SF Bay Area who might like to attend the services for Mother Mary Joseph at Cristo Rey Monastery:

Thursday, May 9th: The viewing will be from Noon on, and the Rosary will be at 7:30 p.m.

Friday, May 10th: The Funeral Mass will be at 10:00 a.m.

What a homecoming it must have been in Heaven, as the Lord greeted her with the words -- "well done, good and faithful servant!" May Mother Joseph know all the joys of Heaven!


The first picture was from a visit of Mother Joseph to Ignatius Press after she’d been out to the Doctor. The second picture was from the special Mass that was held at the Monastery for her 100th birthday last September – she greeted all of us individually afterwards. She’s seen here speaking with her great niece.

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May Mother Mary Joseph rest in the peace of Our Lord +