Monday, May 6, 2013

Dallas Auxiliary Bishop Mark Seitz to Lead El Paso Diocese

As always, Rocco has the story:

"Resolving the US' longest-standing vacancy after 17 long months, at Roman Noon this Monday Pope Francis named Bishop Mark Seitz, 59, an auxiliary of Dallas since 2010, as bishop of El Paso – in terms of diocesan population, the new pontiff's most significant Stateside choice to date.

At the helm of the 700,000-member fold along West Texas' border with Mexico, Seitz, who moved from his native Wisconsin to study as a seminarian in Texas, succeeds Bishop Armando Ochoa, who was returned to his native California as bishop of Fresno – now home to a million Catholics – in December 2011."

Read the whole thing. We add that His Excellency is a pro-life activist (photo below at 40 Days for Life) has served as a Chaplain for Courage, and donated a kidney to a parishioner.

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