Thursday, June 6, 2013

Democrats Defend Felonies in name of Counterfeit Marriage--John Eastman Slaps Them Down

We've spoken before about the well known phenomenon: when you attempt to impose nonreality (such as counterfeit "marriage") on society it leads to totalitarianism. That's because the presence of truth is a constant threat, a matter of life and death, to those imposing the nonreality. So they must always shut down discussion.

NOM Chairman of the Board John Eastman spoke for tens of millions of Americans when he slapped down Democratic Congressmem who basically defended the IRS attempt to restrict the free speech of Americans:


 Eastman also said:

"What they did to us is expose our tax returns to our political enemies... it's a felony to have done that and we can't get the Department of Justice to investigate or prosecute the people who committed that felony...We've got people in government and their allies outside of government that are willing to commit felonies to shut down their political opposition on major contested issues of the day."

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