Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vive la France V: "Common sense has woken from a deep sleep"

Nice post at The Thinking Housewife today about the French people's refusal to accept the imposition of counterfeit marriage on La Belle France:

"These photos of Sunday’s Manif Pour Tous demonstration in Paris are exhilarating. It’s not just the huge crowds or the fact that all different ages are represented or the regional flags and patriotic colors or the Parisian buildings and streets. It’s the signs people are carrying: “Everyone is born of a mother and father,” “No, to the destruction of civilization,” “One mother and one father: It’s hereditary,” “Yes to human dignity,” “I am not for sale” and many more.

Common sense has woken from a deep sleep. That’s how it seems when reading these banners. Or as Tugdual Derville, a leader of Manif Pour Tous and a father of six children, recently said, ”It is the soul of France that is waking up.”

Homosexual “marriage” is now legal in France, but it never will be a settled or accepted institution there. Such is the power of truth, once it is embraced by large numbers of people.

By the way, notice the absence of Muslims in these pictures despite the large Muslim presence in Paris and the absolute Islamic prohibition against homosexuality. Why aren’t they here? The answer is simple. They do not see themselves as Frenchmen."

The last point is significant, and I think gives a hint as to why there is so much more of a popular uprising in France against the imposition of counterfeit marriage than there has been so far in America. I'll post on this when I get my thoughts in the proper order.

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