Sunday, October 13, 2013

Governor Brown Vetoes SB 131: "Open-ended and Unfair"

From the Press-Enterprise:

"In a lengthy veto message that cited Roman law and included a detailed history of California’s rules on sex-abuse litigation, Brown complained that the legislation applied only to private institutions, such as the Catholic Church, and not schools and other government entities....

'What (SB 131) does do is go back to the only group, i.e. private institutions, that have already been subjected to the unusual ‘one year revival period’ and makes them, and them alone, subject to suit indefinitely,' Brown wrote in his veto message.

'This extraordinary extension of the statute of limitations, which legislators chose not to apply to public institutions, is simply too open-ended and unfair,' added Brown, who studied to become a Catholic priest as a young man."

That last sentence, which implies some warm relationship between Jerry Brown and the Catholic Church is ludicrous. Yeah, Governor Brown is such a big friend to the Church.

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