Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Wisdom from Fr. James Schall: On Multiculturalism

What a great teacher he is! This essay was published at The Catholic Thing. Excerpts:

"The modern notion that all cultures and nations can and should live together in harmony requires either: a) a general agreement about the basis of virtue and truth, or b) the elimination of any difference between good and evil, truth and falsity. “Multiculturalism,” itself a construction of the mind, is what happens when the latter alternative is accepted, not as “true,” but as “workable” or “practical.”

Cultures, however, are not philosophically or morally neutral. Within each is found a certain configuration of good and evil habits, laws, and customs. In earlier ages, though massive migrations and invasions occurred, it was difficult to pass from one country to another. Each culture or nation worked out the norms of how it was to live...

The only kind of multiculturalism that is possible is one that recognizes a transcendent order. A multiculturalism that denies it ends up by establishing and enforcing a world order in which only what is objectively true is disallowed. The “fear” is precisely that truth does exist. The refusal to look for such truth recalls the scene in the Gorgias of Plato where the politician refuses to listen to argument, lest he be forced to admit its logic."

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Anonymous said...

If religious leaders cannot agree among themselves, what hope is there that political leaders will negotiate a lasting peace, treaty, agreement, covenant, etc.

Suggest all world leaders get together and agree on one common belief. No human has the right to kill a human created by God.

Regards and good will blogging.