Thursday, March 27, 2014

Western Imperialists Push Immorality on Poor at U.N.

I used to think the U.S. ought to get out of the U.N. because the U.N. was rotten. But the anti-family, anti-life Obama Administration may be too rotten for the U.N.

The latest U.N. outrage perpetrated by the European Union and the Obama Administration, from Breitbart News:

U.S. Blocks 'Sexual Fidelity' as AIDS-Fighting Strategy at U.N.

The Obama administration, along with the European Union and the Nordic countries, ganged up on poor African nations over the past two weeks at the United Nations, insisting that sexual fidelity and delaying sexual debut cannot be defensive strategies against the spread of HIV.

The African countries sent delegates to New York with high hopes that at least one of the non-binding but influential documents produced at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, among the largest annual gatherings at the United Nations, could be a vehicle to help them slow the growth of HIV on their continent. Instead, working in tandem, the United States and the European Union blocked language encouraging the reduction of the number of sexual partners.

According to witnesses who spoke with Breitbart News, in the middle of the final night of negotiations, some African delegates actually wept in frustration.

At the start of negotiations, the United States, Europe, Norway, Mexico, and other Latin American nations threatened that there would be no HIV/AIDS resolution if it contained references to abstinence and fidelity, reducing the number of sexual partners, or even what would seem noncontroversial, "delaying sexual debut." For two weeks negotiations were stalled and delayed. The US and the EU with their dozens of diplomats easily outmatched poor African countries that may have only one or two diplomats to cover the entire span of negotiations. The US and EU insisted that language like "fidelity" and "sexual delay" would stigmatize and therefore discourage those with HIV from getting tested and seeking treatment. The Africans insisted these were the only real defensive strategies against the disease, which is still at epidemic proportions in Africa..."

So the Obama administration opposes the one real solution to AIDS. No surprise there.

C-Fam, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, is one group that is constantly fighting the anti-family agenda pushed at the United Nations by the European Union, the Obama Administration, the Homintern, and the international feminist mafia. C-Fam deserves your support!

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