Saturday, April 12, 2014

Homosexual Totalitarianism: Talk About proving a point!

Yesterday I commented on SFGate's (the website of the San Francisco Chronicle) latest story about Brendan Eich, the CEO of Mozilla, forced to resign because his support of natural marriage. You can read my comment, screen-captured from the SF Gate website here:

"Content disabled"--talk about proving my point!

I could only even do the screenshot when logged in through my SF Gate commenter account. If you go there you won't see the comment because "any though or action that challenges same-sex 'marriage' must be banished."

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Alessandra said...

Yep! It's not just that newspapers' editorial lines are completely biased, they now censor the comment section to reflect their biases just the same.
I have a secondary blog where I often post the sites that are censoring me (Censored at First Things – First Thoughts).

my latest post on my main blog (Alessandra Reflections) reveals the little reported fact in the media on Mozillagate: it was a vindictive homosexual couple (Hampton and Michael from rarebit) that started the witch hunt against Eich. Hampton wanted to bring Eich down because he wrongly blames Eich for not being able to let him start a business with his homosexual partner. It's not only very, very personal, but very much about money, money.

Hampton just spinned a ridiculous woe story trying to blame Eich for all the problems in his life. It's clueless, it's vindictive, and it's nasty.