Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lovely and Powerful: Judge Tom Parker's Abortion Opinion a Restoral of Sanity

Following the absurd "reasoning" of Roe v. Wade (noted even by its supporters), wholesale self-delusion has been  required to support the position that a woman has a "right" to kill a child. Because the majority of the media and academia support this position, however, they have not been backward in supplying it. So it is almost astonishing to read an opinion so clear, so logical, so sensible, so compelling, as that offered by Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker on Good Friday.

From LifeSiteNews:

Unborn child has ‘inalienable’ right to life ‘at all stages of development’: Alabama Supreme Court
Children in the womb should have the same legal standing as other children, the Supreme Court of Alabama ruled Friday.

The decision upheld the prior conviction of Sarah Janie Hicks for “the chemical endangerment of her child,” when she exposed her unborn baby to cocaine. The boy, referred to as “JD,” was born testing positive for cocaine.

The 8-1 decision reaffirmed the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling in a similar case last year that the word “child” includes “unborn child”...

According to Justice Tom Parker, who wrote the majority decision, “It is impossible for an unborn child to be a separate and distinct person at a particular point in time in one respect and not to be a separate and distinct person at the same point in time but in another respect. Because an unborn child has an inalienable right to life from its earliest stages of development, it is entitled not only to a life free from the harmful effects of chemicals at all stages of development but also to life itself at all stages of development. Treating an unborn child as a separate and distinct person in only select respects defies logic and our deepest sense of morality...
'Courts do not have the luxury of hiding behind ipse dixit assertions,' which means that courts cannot rule simply to uphold the legal status quo but must, in this case, 'allow the law of non-contradiction' to come into play, in order to 'recognize a child's inalienable right to life at all stages of development.'

Until this is the case, the judge added, 'our grief is not for the Constitution alone; we also grieve for the millions of children who have not been afforded equal value, love, and protection since Roe.'

'In contrast to the reasoning of Roe and Casey, Alabama’s reliance upon objective principles has led this court to consistently recognize the inalienable right to life inherently possessed by every human being and to dispel the shroud of doubt cast by the United States Supreme Court’s violation of the law of non-contradiction,' said Parker."

Wesley Smith, a man we admire, covered the decision in National Review. He opened his article with the sentence:

"This will not impact the abortion issue because of federal preemption."

We disagree. It may not impact the issue legally, at least immediately, but laws change, and, not ignoring the millions killed through abortion, one of the most important consequences of Roe v. Wade has been the requisite denial of reality that followed. That is healed through truth compellingly articulated, something Judge Parker has done.Roe v. Wade will be overturned; Judge Parker has taken a significant step in that direction.

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