Monday, December 22, 2008

Are Catholic Schools Catholic?

I received this note from a Blog reader. Unfortunately I could not access the URL provided to ascertain the original story.

Fr. John, I can't find an email link to write to you directly, so I'm using this comment feature to give you the information I think would interest you. A "Catholic" high school in San Jose…, just published a parent newsletter with some disgraceful statistics from a mock election that was held among the student body. In just two examples, 80% of the students voted against Proposition 8 and 62% voted against Proposition 4. If you'd like to see the newsletter yourself and write a blog story about it, lamenting the failure of our Catholic schools, go to the url provided and look on page 6 of the newsletter.

Unfortunately I find more and more evidence that many Catholic teachers in our schools are not in line with the teachings of the Church they were established to uphold. I believe that much of this has been due to institutions of higher learning.-- including some of our own Catholic Colleges and universities-- which promote the liberal philosophy that destroys values: civic as well as spiritual.

Bishops and pastors need to step up to the plate: The only way the situation can be bettered is to demand that our Catholic school teachers be loyal to the teachings of the Church.


Anonymous said...

Could you please put up the link to the "Catholic" high school?

a concerned SJ Catholic

Anonymous said...

Never mind, it was easy enough to find at Presentation High School for the December 2008 newsletter. Absolutely sickening-- I contacted my pastor, who is likewise unhappy.

a concerned SJ Catholic

Anonymous said...

I was at Archbishop Mitty High school and the principal had a huge (1ftx4ft) Obama sign above his book case in his office at the school. Given that Obama said that his first act as President would be to sign the "Freedom of Choice Act" and to roll back the meager restrictions on abortion that were imposed during the Bush administration.

Pray for our Bishop!

American Phoenix said...

The newsletter is available at the Presentation High School website.

Pope Benedict Fan said...

That's not all: you can search the database of contributors to the campaign against Proposition 8 and see that James Everitt, the principal of Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton, contributed $200 to the "No on Proposition 8" campaign. If the principal of a Catholic school is a phony Catholic, you know the school is a phony Catholic school. Will he be reprimanded or fired by the bishop? Check it out for yourself. The school website is and search under faculty and administration for the high school principal's name. Then enter "everitt", his last name, in the page to search for donations to campaigns for and against Proposition 8:

Anonymous said...

Pope Benedict Fan, you don't know the half of it. The principal of Sacred Heart Preparatory is also a lector at Most Holy Redeemer in SF. Check it out for yourself, then begin to connect the dots. The Church's institutions are being infiltrated by Satan's minions to guarantee that the souls of the young are misled, mistaught and lost: