Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Without a Gay?

California Catholic Daily reports the following announcement:

A nationwide movement of homosexuals is urging “gays, lesbians, and straight allies” to skip work tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 10, in protest of bans on same-sex marriage adopted by voters in California, Arizona and Florida last month.

Not all gays agree and it does seem tome to be an exercise in futility. I cannot understand how this will help the gay movement and change the will of the people to keep marriage between a man and a woman.

Steve Adams, president of the group Merchants of Upper Market and Castro, told the newspaper that, “instead of staying away, people should be encouraged to come to the Castro to shop.”

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American Phoenix said...

The last time I visited the Castro, my brother was propositioned and whistled at less than a minute after we got out of the car. We got back in the car and left immediately.

So why would I want to shop in the Castro?