Monday, December 22, 2008

Fay Wong

Our friend Bill May over at Catholics for the Common Good sent the news that pro-life heroine Fay Wong went home to the Lord last Tuesday.

Fay was an elderly Chinese lady, about four and a half feet tall, with the heart of a lion. She was well known around the Archdiocese for her prayer vigils at abortion clinics and her indefatigable signature gathering drives at parishes for any pro-life or pro-marriage measure on the ballot. She'd show up with her cane and her little cart and signs and gather signatures the whole weekend long in front of our church as well as others.

Fay seldom wasted time on trivialities such as "hello." Conversations would generally open with "OK, here's what we need to do..."

While our prayers and condolences are with Fay's grieving family and friends, I personally just can't feel too sad. We'll miss Fay certainly, but if we can say for sure that any person has gone straight to heaven, that person is Fay. As Dolores Meehan, co-founder of the Walk For Life West said, "She's in heaven now, seeing the faces of all those babies whose lives she tried to save!" I don't even feel right saying "Rest in Peace"--the idea of Fay resting at all is incomprehensible.

God Bless you, dear Fay, and may we follow your example!

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney

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