Monday, December 29, 2008

Popular Evil

In a Reuters article published yesterday the finalists were reported. They were seeking the most popular Russian leaders.

Can you believe that Josef Stalin came in third?

Millions of Soviet citizens perished from famine during forced collectivization, were executed as "enemies of the people" or died in Gulag hard labor camps during Stalin's rule which lasted for almost 30 years until his death in 1953.

At the top of the list was 13th century prince Alexander Nevsky, who defeated German invaders.

My question is who or what is responsible for the selections of the majority? The voters in the contest were certainly victims of the media which controls minds and changes hearts. A prominent actor and film director Nikita Mikhalkov, one of the contest's judges, said:” We may find ourselves in a situation where absolute power and voluntarism that ignores people's opinions may prevail in our country, if a fairly large part of the nation wants it."

How can bad look good? Take out God and deny moral responsibility. The resulting vacuum will be filled with personal power—whoever will appear to be a good leader who can take care of us and give us all our wants.

Sad to see so many young Russians yearning for the “good ole days.” Why are they blind?

There’s a lesson there for all Americans.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps some people are getting confused between a "popular leader" (one we like) and a "famous leader" (famous for good or bad).

Pearl said...

People are too quick to forget. Christ is always reminding us to remember, remember. Perhaps if we spent more time remembering, we wouldn't repeat costly blunders and mistakes (such as electing a man who makes a lot of promises but dreams a dream that would be deadly for democracy). Hitler sounded so good in the beginning to the desperate German people; in the end he was revealed to be a treacherous, twisted dictator.