Friday, October 22, 2010

Study Claims Children of Homosexual "Parents" More Likely to Identify as Homosexual

That's the rather common-sensical conclusion reached by University of Kansas professor Walter Schumm.

Should be no surprise--children imitate their role models. I can't find the citation now, but where the father is absent, it is far more likely that a boy will grow up to be an absent father, too. I even recall seeing a nature show about a mother bear with an injured front leg. The injury required her to hold her leg and paw in an unusual way when hunting for salmon in the river. Her cub watched, and when he was old enough to hunt, he held his leg and cub in the same unusual way, although there was no physical need for him to do so.

Why would engaging in homosexualist behavior be any different?

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney

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Anonymous said...

One of researchers, Abigail Garner, whose work is among the sources used in Schumm's study, explains the numbers: "[B]ecause of the goals of my book, I deliberately aimed to have 50% of the kids interviewed to be queer. Not because it is statistically reflective of the population, but to give it balance of perspective." When you use such books as your starting point, you're not going to get statistically accurate results.