Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We mean, "His Eminence"

We love making THIS correction!

About 12 hours ago we referred to "His Excellency" Archbishop Raymond Burke. Since then, the Holy Father has released the news that at the upcoming consistory, His Excellency will become "His Eminence" Raymond Cardinal Burke. Fr. Z posts Archbishop Burke's letter. Excerpt:

"At the same time, my thoughts naturally turn to the many challenges which the Church faces in our day in carrying out her divine mission for the salvation of the world. In particular, I am deeply conscious of the critical importance of the loving witness of the Church to the truth, revealed to us by God through both faith and reason, which alone is our salvation. It is a witness which Our Holy Father tirelessly gives with remarkable wisdom and courage. I pledge myself anew to assist Pope Benedict XVI in this critical witness and in the many works of his pastoral charity on behalf of all our brothers and sisters in the Church and in the world."

We thank His Holiness for choosing such a fearless shepherd, and we pray for Cardinal-designate Burke.

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