Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cardinal O'Malley at the conference...

American Papist reports:

O'Malley uses "scandal" to describe Catholics voting for pro-choice politicians, while Lori suggests jumping through hoops

Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley of Boston, saying the Democratic Party has been persistently hostile to opponents of abortion rights, asserted yesterday that the support of many Catholics for Democratic candidates "borders on scandal."


Anonymous said...

My family had been bedrock Democrat for generations. My grandmother was the first Democratic state comitteewoman from Mass. and the second highest ranking woman in FDR's administration. My father was a 50 year veteran of our city's Democratic City Committee and had been a candidate as a Democrat for statewide office.
I worked in George McGovern's presidential campaign and also was a member of our city's Democratic Committee.
Now I am an independent and most of my generation in our family is also or has even gone Republican.
This is because of the total disrespect the Democratic Party in Mass. has for any traditional moral values embraced by devout Catholics. It is not just being treated as having a difference of opinion within the party, but also being treated like lepers within the party.

Struggling Sinner said...

That's a powerful witness, Deacon John.

I've often thought that the weakening of labor unions in our country has been (at least in part)due to the extremly amoral positions taken by those who control the Democratic party. A lot of people who would work to strengthen unions don't want to be tied in to the Democratic Party because of its stands on abortion, same-sex marriage, etc.