Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Promoting legal murder

The Oakland City Council will meet next week and consider passing an “8 foot bubble ordinance.”

If the law passes, and it probably will in this liberal land of ours, there will be this latest effort to protect abortion services.

This law, among other things, will:

Ensure safe and unimpeded access to reproductive health care facilities …
Within 100 feet of the entrance, will prohibit approaching within eight feet any person or motor vehicle seeking to enter the facility, without the consent of the person or vehicle occupant, for the purpose of interfering, harassing, injuring, or intimidating the person or vehicle occupant.

The new ordinance will stifle the efforts of pro-life groups from presenting information verbally or otherwise to anyone near the abortion facility under penalty of jail for a year and/or a $2,000 fine.

This is a diabolic effort to stop anyone from deterring a person entering the clinic for a proposed abortion. It impinges on our freedom and right to disseminate valuable information that saves lives.

Visit the November 27 issue: of "California Catholic Daily" for the list of council members who should be contacted to protest this violation of freedom of expression.


Anonymous said...

The liberal Democrats who control the government here in Mass. are doing the same thing--slowly undermining everey constitutional guarantee of the right to assemble and freedom of speech--all in the service of those who want to kill children in the womb.

Sherry said...

Well what you posted certainly doesn't look like you are in any way chilled in your first amendment rights. I think its a good thing to keep a distance between those who are in disagreement. Surely no one wants violence. If the person agrees you may come up and hand them what you have. Sounds rather fair.