Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Not a Simple Pill reports: the state of New Jersey has enacted a law requiring pharmacists to dispense abortifacient pills, even if doing so violates their consciences.

Father Thomas Euteneuer, the president of Human Life International, countered: "When a state rejects the protection of individual consciences, that state loses its soul."

Meantime the San Jose Mercury-News has advised its slightly more than 230,000 daily subscribers to ignore the Holy Father’s recent exhortation that pharmacists be allowed to follow their consciences when it comes to dispensing drugs that induce abortion or are used for euthanasia.

Sad so say: The sponsor of the New Jersey Bill, Senator Joseph Vitale, did not know, or did not care to relate. what research is showing: “the morning-after- pill puts women at risk of cardiac arrest, internal bleeding and other dangers to life.

Not only is the fetus being murdered, the woman herself is in grave danger. Russian roulette seems to be a close companion of RU486.

Abortion kills. The pill can kill the mother, too.

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