Saturday, January 19, 2008

Walk for Life West Coast 2008 (updated)

How about that? Even bigger than last year!

At least 25,000 and maybe 30,000 peaceful witnesses to life! (Above: SF Chronicle Photo).

Lots of photos:

SFist, who does not like us, says "How many people came to the Walk for Life? Tens of thousands, a huge crowd this year."

Our local ABC affiliate has the story here.

Gerald over at "The Cafeteria is Closed" has some fine photo work of the "Walk."

And Matteo over at "Cartago Delenda Est"

And Pipeline News has a very nice photo essay.

Here's a great photo over at "Blog by the Sea"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention, Father.

Matteo said...

I second the thanks!

Anonymous said...

It was quite an event! Thanks to everyone who joined us, and thanks to you, Father, for your other posts about local issues!