Saturday, June 20, 2009

"An Abortion Absolutist"

The famous columnist Mark Steyn has a column today about President Obama's "even-handed" approach to both "sides" involved in the unrest in Iran--that is the side of the people, who are asserting their right to self-government, and the side of the government, which is asserting it's "right" to break peoples heads if they assert their right to self-government.

Mr. Steyn's says this is characteristic of Obama, and he applies this rather crisp takedown:

"...the president's preferred rhetorical tic is to stake out the two sides and present himself as a dispassionate, disinterested soul of moderation: 'There are those who would argue…' on the one hand, whereas 'there are those who insist…' on the other, whereas he is beyond such petty dogmatic positions. That was pretty much his shtick on abortion at Notre Dame. Of course, such studied moderation is usually a crock: Obama is an abortion absolutist, supporting partial-birth infanticide, and even laws that prevent any baby so inconsiderate as to survive the abortion from receiving medical treatment."

Emphasis added.

Mr. Steyn gets it. Father Z gets it. The editors of "America" get it, too--they just use "dialogue" as a cover.

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Anonymous said...

For a political leader who supports a woman's right to choose abortion or otherwise, Obama is at least willing to promote conversation toward reaching consensus in a pluralistic society. His approach epitomizes the best in the democratic process.