Saturday, June 27, 2009

They're Losing it Over at "America"

Over the past few weeks we've been blogging about the increasingly odd writing coming out of America magazine, and the responses it has engendered.

We've been following Fr. Z's responses (see here and here) to America's editorials. And last Thursday, we covered Jack Smith's very hard-hitting post, "America Mag's Calumny in Sevice of a Human Master."

Today Carl Olsen, over at Ignatius Press weighs in, with "What Planet is America Magazine Living On?" One of the items Mr. Olsen responds to is the column "Obama Going to the Vatican" by Michael Sean Winters. Mr. Winters' column ran to 631 words, but I can give you the sense here:

1) "Conservative" Catholics objected to Notre Dame honoring Barack Obama.
2) But the Holy Father will meet with Barack Obama.
3) Therefore, the objectors were wrong, and it was OK for Notre Dame to honor Barack Obama.

I'm serious--that's his argument. The refutations are so immediate and obvious that I won't bother. Anyway, Mr. Olsen knocks Mr. Winters and America out of the park. The comments are interesting, too.

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