Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"We have a Vatican II president."

That's how Fr. John O'Malley's latest in the Jesuit Magazine "America" opens.

The article also contains these sentences:

"I often hear laments that the spirit of Vatican II is dead in the church. Is it not ironic that not a bishop but the President of the United States should today be the most effective spokesperson for that spirit?"

I myself know almost nothing about Vatican II, but it's possible that what is dead is not the "spirit of Vatican II", but a particular interpretation of that spirit.

But if it is true that a non-Catholic supporter of abortion, partial-birth abortion, and Embryonic Stem-Cell Research, who just declared June to be "National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Month" is the most effective spokesperson for the "spirit of Vatican II", its death is certainly nothing to mourn.

Diogenes and Father Z have weighed in on this.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney


Anonymous said...

St. Charles Lwanga & companions, pray for marriage!

Dietrich said...

With such wonderfully and thoughtfully expressed
comments on both sides. I cannot hope to compete in
eloquence, so I'll be as succinct as I am able.

1. "Silver-tongued devils" do not a moral man or
nation make.

2. As a graduate of a USF, I pray
for the suppression of the Jesuits, who manifest in
so many ways they emphatically do not wish to
enjoin the Church as humble Catholics, but rather
as Jesuits first (whatever that means to them
today). It's articles like these that make plain
how far afield Jesuit thought is in regard to
Church teaching and how it fits into their
priorities and agendae. That Father O'Malley would
submit this for publication is an indication of
this disease. In charity, it's time to rein these
renegades back into the fold or cut them off

Anonymous said...

Yes, when the Jesuits proclaim that President Obama represents Catholicism more than Pope Benedict, you know that the Jesuits have ceased to be Catholic. Same goes for the dissidents/heretics at the National Catholic Reporter. Their true religion is liberalism; they just make a pretense of being Catholic. Shameful.