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Fr. Breslin Stands Up!

Some excerpts (red the whole thing) from the blog of Father William Breslin, the Boulder, Colorado priest who is being criticized for refusing to allow a child with two lesbian "parents" to attend his parish school:

"I chose to protect the faith over doing what would have looked like the loving thing to do. Perhaps some of you parents have been in the position to make a decision for your family that looked like the opposite of love, but was the right decision anyway.

My brothers and sisters, our school is a Catholic school and our teaching on the sanctity of marriage is as clear as a bell. So, the decision I made was based on my conviction that we needed to rest on the side of backing our beliefs and our values. We need to fight for our Catholic values because here in Boulder it seems, no one else is....

I’m the one who made this decision. If you want to blame, blame me, your Catholic priest for being – Catholic!"

Fr. Breslin's answer reminded me of an answer Fr. Malloy gave to a question that came into the "Ask the Fathers" page of our website back in 2005, when he was pastor at Saints Peter and Paul. The question itself is good, because it unfolds the issues that will inevitably occur should Fr. Breslin allow the child to attend his school. Here's the question, with Father's response:

"Dear Fathers:

You have probably heard of St. John the Baptist Church in Costa Mesa, which was recently in the news because some parents and members are concerned about the scandal of the male same-sex "couple" who have enrolled their two adopted children in the parish school.

The concerns center on the high visability of the two men who attend all school functions and Holy Mass as a "family" with their four adopted children.

It has been learned that the men belong to a "gay" activist group, "Family Pride Coalition", take their children to social events where everyone has two "daddies" or two "mommies" and that one of the men was featured in an article in the New York Times titled "Two Fathers, One Happy to Stay Home." The two men are listed as "father" and "father" of the two children in the school directory. "Family Pride Coalition" is primarily concerned with supporting "families" headed by same-sex couples, helping them integrate into communities and schools and the organization advocates for same-sex "marriage." In fact the Executive Director has appeared before Congress to advocate for it.

Those who have raised the issue are primarily concerned with the scandal portrayed by the situation wherein the same-sex "family" appears simply as one of many "kinds of families." In fact when our daughter posed the question "what will you tell a child who asks "how come 'johnny' has two daddies?" to the first grade teacher of our two grandchildren, her response was that she would tell "johnny" that there are all kinds of families.

My concern is that the other children will come to believe that same-sex couples are fine and that their "marriage" is equivalent to marriage between one man and one woman. Not only that, will they not believe that is what their Church believes since the men are so nice and welcomed by many other parents, the teachers and the Principal?

Some have said, "but they are such wonderful parents." The school principal has expressed the opinion that the children have been rescued. On the contrary, they are being indoctrinated into a destructive and dangerous lifestyle. I pray for them and the other children as well as the two men every day.

This is a difficult pastoral issue. What are your thoughts on it?


SJB Parishoner

Fr. Malloy responded:

Dear SJB Parishioner,

You do present a difficult pastoral issue. One can seem so callous answering this loaded question.

You ask my thoughts.

My thoughts may appear radical. I would not accept same-sex families in a Catholic school, much as I might sympathizes with the children in such “families” The reason to me seems obvious: scandal. Such a life style is contrary to the Catholic Church. The implication that all unions are OK is contrary to Catholic teaching. In no way should we promote it, and particularly at this time when same sex marriages are being touted on all sides.

The Costa Mesa superintendent of Catholic Schools has said that if Catholic beliefs were strictly adhered to, then children whose parents divorced, used birth control or married outside the church would also have to be banned. It would be wonderful if that were the case in all Catholic Schools—all parents: Catholic to the core!

But the cases are very different. Divorce, birth control or marriages outside the church are not “showcased” in Catholic schools, “Two dads; two moms” would be. The scandal involved is quite different, because the notoriety is quite different.

Family Pride Coalition would like nothing better that to infiltrate the Catholic Church. The Costa Mesa way is opening the door to the enemy of Marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

Fr. John J. Malloy, S.D.B."

Fr. Z has an excellent post on the Boulder situation. He shows how the "parents" and the protestors supporting them are using the child as a tool--and he links to a poll where you can express your support (or otherwise) for Fr. Breslin.

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