Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Proposition 8 Trial Arguments "Simply Ludicrous"

That's the conclusion of constitutional scholar Calvin Massey of Hastings Law School at UC Berkeley. Professor Massey was speaking at USF's February 26 (heavily stacked) same-sex "marriage" seminar. He was referring to the argument of the plaintiffs in the recently concluded Proposition 8 case that those who voted to pass Prop. 8 were motiviated by bigotry.

The Professor also said he expects Judge Vaughn Walker to rule in favor of the plaintiffs, but also that it "does not matter a lot what Judge Walker does" because the case will be decided by appeal anyway. You can watch Professor Massey's interesting speech in the video below. His segment begins at about 1:48:00 (about halfway) into the clip. Note: the clip loads slowly.

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