Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Archbishop Gomez Gets It

He understands that the problems with Obamacare are not limited to the usage of taxpayers money to fund abortion. This is from a statement he made following the passage of Obamacare in the Congress back in November 2009:

"As the legislation now moves to the Senate, many questions remain—not only about abortion but about the basic structure of the reforms being contemplated.

Though as Catholics we believe that health care is a basic right and that government has a proper role in ensuring access to these services, the question remains how and to what extent the government should be involved.

I still have questions about whether this legislation is the best vehicle to advance the needs of low-income Americans and the uninsured. I worry about the cost and the level of government involvement in the marketplace. I am very concerned about the possible erosion of the principle of subsidiarity in some of the current reform proposals."

His Excellency's full statement is here.

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