Monday, April 19, 2010

Governor Christie is what New Jersey (and California) Needs

Governor Chris Christie takes on the NJ teachers union and calls a spade a spade. That's the kind of Governor we need right now in California.

From JammieWearingFool:

"A day ahead of school budget elections statewide, Gov. Chris Christie today escalated his war of words with the state teachers' union, accusing union representatives of 'using the students like drug mules' to carry information about whether their parents planned to vote.

Christie cited what he called a 'mandatory' homework assignment instructing children in one district to interview their parents about whether and why they would vote tomorrow. 'These are the typical kind of scare tactics that they involve themselves in,' Christie said about the 200,000-member New Jersey Education Association, which has been critical of his proposed $820 million cut in school aid. 'Scaring students in the classroom, scaring parents with the notes home in the bookbags, and the mandatory 'Project Democracy Homework' asking your parents about what they're going to do in the school board election, and reporting back to your teachers union representatives,
using the students like drug mules to carry information back to the classroom, is reprehensible.'"

Emphasis in original.

For a thorough analysis of the stranglehold the Public Sector unions have on the state of California, and how we got here, read Steven Malanga's piece "How the Unions Broke California" in City Journal.

h/t Instapundit.

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