Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tomorrow: The San Francisco Tea Party

It's Thursday April 15 from 4-7 PM at Union Square. And here's why the Tea Parties are so important. The Democratic leadership in the Senate is proposing another $23 BILLION bailout.

From the Corner:

"Democratic leadership in the Senate is proposing a $23 billion 'emergency' fund that would act as a stopgap for states considering layoffs — primarily in education — to overcome budget deficits.

While nobody wants to see widespread teacher layoffs, let there be no mistake: this bill would represent yet another unpaid-for (hence the 'emergency' bit, which lets Dems get around PAYGO rules) bailout to favored Democratic constituencies, namely powerful teacher and municipal unions. And it would allow state and local governments to once again put off getting their fiscal houses in order."

Meanwhile, Governor Palin addressed a crowd of thousands today at the Boston Tea Party.

For more info about the SF Tea Party visit Bay Area Patriots.

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