Monday, September 13, 2010

Fr. Malloy's 70th Anniversary of Profession!

As we mentioned in the post below, on Sunday Fr. Malloy and some of his confreres celebrated their anniversaries. For Fr. Malloy, it was the 70th Anniversary of his profession, and the 60th Anniversary of his ordination as Priest of God. Here are a few photos, (more here) courtesy Eva Muntean:

The Salesians prepare to renew their vows.
The reliquary of St. John Bosco is at the right, just in front of the Pieta.

The Jubilarians renew their vows, laying their hands on the relic of the Salesian founder. It's is a little difficult for Fr. Malloy to walk far nowadays, so he paused and held onto the Ambo--with the result that he renewed his vows talking right into the microphone! The parishioners loved it.

Father visits the Relic after Mass.

Following the Mass there was a dinner honoring the Jubilarians over at the Italian Athletic Club.

Fr. John with Parish Council President Anne Kimmel.

Annie, Father, and Walk for Life West Coast co-founder Eva Muntean.
Tough duty, Father!

Everybody in the parish loves the old Priest, who has been such a blessing to Saints Peter and Paul, and beyond. He came to us when he was about 80. In that time, under his leadership, we relit, restored, and repainted the inside of the church, not changing a thing, only restoring it to its original glory, and with the increased lighting, actually surpassing the original. He hosted the Rally to Defend Marriage in 2004, which attracted 1,500 people. That turned into San Francisco's Walk for Life West Coast, which in 2010 numbered 40,000 people. He is still Chaplain of the event.

You can't even list all his accomplishments, because they keep popping up. Last year, Saints Peter and Paul hosted the American Boychoir, considered the premier boys' choir in the United States, and someone with the group casually mentioned that decades past a Salesian Priest had been the Chairman of the Board and had taken the boys on a singing tour of Europe, arranging all the travel and lining up restaurants where they could eat--at greatly reduced prices! That alone should have been enough to indicate it was Father Malloy--a true Son of Don Bosco!

God bless you Father--ad moltos annos!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Father Malloy!

Anonymous said...

Was that "liturgical dance" in 1 of the photos on Facebook from Monarch Media. I believe it was 93 or later with the girls in white??