Friday, November 5, 2010

Catholics for the Common Good Needs YOUR Help!

Our friend Bill May, over at Catholics for the Common Good tells us the organization can use the financial help of faithful Catholics now.

CCG is THE foremost group of lay Catholics in the state of California fighting the good fight for natural marriage and the family. Unsurprisingly, as a result, their website gets hacked and their insurance rates go up:

Insurance Costs Increase 65%
'CCG May Offend Someone'

"On top of our current tight financial situation, we learned that our liability insurance premiums are going up by 65%. But before I tell you about that, I want to thank you for the overwhelming response to our call for help last week. So many faithful, and a large number of first time supporters, responded. We have received over $3,000 in donations within the week, but still ended October with a shortfall. We must raise $32,000 to complete the year in the black.

The insurance situation is a real sign of the times. We learned that our current carrier is no longer interested in writing a liability policy for Catholics for the Common Good Institute and only a more expensive alternative would be available to us. While shopping for lower cost alternatives, one broker very candidly advised that insurance companies are reluctant to cover organizations dealing with 'traditional' marriage because we could easily offend someone, opening the door to lawsuits."

You can help the CCG continue its good work by donating here.

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