Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fr. Schall on Catholic League v. San Francisco

The great Fr. James V. Schall, SJ weighs in on the lawsuit of the Catholic League and the two San Francisco Catholics against the city of San Francisco. Father does not spend much time on the legal question, but addresses the underlying issue.

"Children need a parent of each sex, whether they be 'in need' or not. Compassion does not trump principle. The Board obscures what human life and nature are about. It does this by the suasive power of civil resolution. In the end, it is not the Board that is protecting the needs and nature of real children, but the hapless Vatican.

In San Francisco, such a voice perhaps cries in the wilderness, but it cries the truth about children and their needs. It puts children first, not the self-interest of single-sex advocates. To refuse to deprive children of what they most need, a mother and a father, is this really so difficult to understand? Is it really 'hateful?' 'ignorant?' 'discriminatory?' 'insulting?' or 'callous?' to use the Board's own words, for anyone to strive to give all children what they most need, a mother and a father?"

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