Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good and Better: Obama Refuses to Defend Marriage

It's good because he never was going to anyway. It's better because hopefully now someone really will.

It was obvious from the beginning that President Obama was lying about his support for counterfeit "marriage," and that his justice department was not going to defend marriage. So it is just as well that he has come clean.

Andy McCarthy, writing today in "The Corner" agrees with this:

"On balance, I far prefer that Obama’s Justice Department openly advocates for the outcome desired by Obama’s base, as it is finally doing with DOMA. This way, the court can appoint lawyers who will truly defend the statute with the best legal arguments available.

Obama's action further shows that he, and counterfeit "marriage" supporters know that they are losing. They cannot allow the issue to have a fair hearing--and this is not only true of marriage but of other issues as well.

It is instructive to reflect on how the supporters of counterfeit "marriage" show time and again they have no concern for the right to self government nor for the common good of society.

William C. Duncan, noted this today, writing in The Corner:

"There is something about the marriage issue that provokes an “any means necessary” approach from its proponents (among whom I believe we can count the president, notwithstanding campaign rhetoric to the contrary)."

That's been the case right from the start, when Mayor Gavin Newsom unilaterally and in violation of the law decided to start issuing counterfeit "marriage" licenses.

It continued when opponents of Prop8 filed suit to have the measure removed from the ballot. Prop 8 went to the voters anyway.

It continued when then-Attorney General Jerry Brown changed the title of Proposition 8, in order to weaken support for it. Prop 8 won big despite the change.

It continued when Attorney General Brown refused to do his duty and defend Prop 8, passed by a significant majority of Californians.

It continued in Massachusetts when the state legislature refused to allow the people of the state to vote on a constitutional amendment defending marriage, despite the record number (170+000) of signatures.

This is self-interest denying the common good, and the right of the people to self-government.

I said above that this uncivil attitude of the Left is evident in other issues as well. It is all of a piece of what we are seeing in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, Governer Walker and the Republicans ran on a platform promising to address the budget crisis and reform the state's government. They won big. What happens? Do their opponents say "This is America. We are a democracy. The people made a choice. We have to abide by it if we are to remain a democracy. We don't like it, but there are other elections, and if we make our case to the people we can win, and then offer our own solutions." Not on your life.

The Democratic legislators try to prevent government by functioning by leaving the state. Teachers Union members walk off their jobs (illegally) and occupy the capitol. Sympathetic doctors violate their professional ethics, and probably the law as well, by writing phony excuses so the teachers can say they were sick, thus defrauding the taxpayers.

President Obama, Congressman Pelosi et al. side with those in Wisconsin, just as they side with those who support counterfeit "marriage." On the other side are the American people.

Posted by Gibbons J. Cooney

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