Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin Teachers Sick, But Promise They'll be Better on Tuesday

The ridiculousness of the Wisconsin teachers, courtesy Katrina Trinko:

"In Wisconsin, it’s illegal for teachers to strike.

That’s why teachers have been calling out “sick,” instead of declaring an outright strike.

In Madison, schools had to be closed Wednesday, Thursday, and today, due to the number of teachers out.

Must be a plague.

The desperate school district went to court, arguing that the teacher absences constituted an illegal strike.

But Dane County Circuit Court judge Maryann Sum decided today that the teachers’ absences did not count as a strike.

However, Madison Teachers Inc., the union for Madison school teachers, has promised that teachers will return to work on Tuesday."

Plague's over.

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Anonymous said...

I worked for the State of Florida for over 30 years. Our contract had a "no strike" clause. If what is happening in Wisconsin ever happened in Florida, we would have been fired on the spot.