Thursday, February 3, 2011

NJ's Christie Vetoes Planned Parenthood Funding; NJ Senate Fails to Override

Good news from the Garden State, and their Pro-Life Governor Chris Christie.

From Life News:

Following the release of a video that has received nationwide attention showing Planned Parenthood staff at a New Jersey abortion center helping alleged sexual traffickers cover up their crimes with abortions and STD testing, Governor Chris Christie has vetoed a bill funding Planned Parenthood. ....

Christie has already yanked state taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood but the state legislature sent him a bill to restore the taxpayer funds.

Marie Tasy, Executive Director for New Jersey Right to Life, applauded the veto in an email to

“We thank Governor Christie for vetoing this bill. A3273/S2393 would have forced taxpayers to support the activities and expansion of an organization that was caught on tape aiding and abetting in the sex trafficking and abortions of minors as young as 14. In vetoing this bill, Governor Christie has ensured that NJ taxpayers will not be complicit in the sexual abuse and exploitation of poor women and minors under the pretense of ‘women’s health,” she said. reports that the New Jersey Senate failed to override the veto:

"An attempt to override Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of $7.5 million in family planning funds was defeated in the state Senate today, but the Democrats behind the effort vowed to fight on for pared down funding for the program.

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