Monday, May 9, 2011

Monsignor Vincent Foy on "The Betrayal of Homosexuals"

Monsignor Vincent Foy has a moving article, published in LifeSiteNews on the betrayal of same-sex attracted persons by the culture and, more troubling, by persons within the church:

"Among the evil fruits of this decadent age there is an unparalleled betrayal of homosexuals. That evil fruit we consider here briefly, emphasizing the betrayal as the rejection of justice and charity towards a significant number of God’s sons and daughters."

The Monsignor makes it crystal clear that our duty is love, not tolerance:

"The words of Christ 'Love your neighbor as yourself' apply to all in their attitude towards homosexuals. Like all, they are called to chastity and holiness and we owe our cooperation in this magnificent vocation. It has been said that the only real tragedy in life is not to become a saint. Certainly the only true tragedy is not to die in God’s love and grace."

Read the whole thing.

Monsignor Foy makes the same point we were attempting to make in an article on the Catholic Charities adoptions fiasco in California Catholic Daily back on April 8, 2008--that the Archdiocese of San Francisco was betraying both same-sex attracted persons and it's duty to those persons:

"Those supporters of the new adoptions policy said over and over again that their concern was the good of the children. But from a Catholic point of view, that’s insufficient. What wasn’t considered was the good of the homosexual/transgender adoptive persons. And from God’s point of view, they are every bit as important as the children. The Vatican said that allowing children to be adopted by homosexual persons amounted to “doing violence to the children.” But what was never said is that allowing adoptions by homosexual/transgender persons does violence to those persons. No adoption agency would give a child to a person they considered unfit. CCCYO allowed homosexual persons to adopt until the Vatican ordered it stopped, and it now staffs an agency that specifically targets homosexual/transgender adopters. CCCYO thus implicitly asserts that it’s OK to live a homosexual/transgendered lifestyle.

But since homosexual behavior is sinful, and sin alienates one from God, the Church must never say that it is OK. By doing so, they are abandoning the homosexual/transgender persons.

In approving this compromise, the archdiocese is saying to them: 'We don’t care about you, except insofar as you can provide a materially decent environment to this child.' The archdiocese thus violates one of the most basic precepts of Catholic moral philosophy: they are treating persons as means rather than ends. The homosexual (and now transgender) adoptive parents are treated as just that, as parents, as functions, rather than as persons, as souls infinitely precious to God. As souls, as persons, they are considered expendable. But no human being is not a person, and no person is expendable. Not gay people, not 'transgendered' people. No one."

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Anonymous said...

The moment your post started equating homosexual persons with a sex act you stopped loving and instead went down the path of stupidity. A same sex couple is not a homosexual couple is not a sex act. Why do you have such trouble with that?