Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rotten Dutch Salesian Says: Read Foucault

The Salesians have acted quickly to remove the Dutch "Father B," who was sitting on the board of "Martijn," the Dutch version of NAMBLA, from any ministry and have relieved the Dutch Salesian Superior Fr. Herman Spronck. That's good, but extremely serious questions remain. Our first post on this was back on May 21.

Catholic News Service reports:

"The Salesian headquarters in Rome said a Dutch priest identified only as Father "B" and the superior of the Salesians in the Netherlands, Father Herman Spronck, had both been suspended.

'The Belgium-Holland Province officially announced that Father B no longer has permission to carry out any pastoral activity and that Father Spronck has been relieved of his office as delegate,' the congregation said in a May 23 press release."

In the nauseating interview Spronck gave to RTL Radio, he was quoted:

"We shouldn't consider age so rigidly. You should never break into the personal space of a child if the child does not want that, but that has to do with the child himself. There are also children who themselves indicate that it is okay. Sexual contact is then also possible."

A Microsoft web translation of the interview is here.

In the same interview, Spronck advised the interviewer to consult the works of the French author Michel Foucault. When I saw that, I could not believe my eyes. Foucault, unfortunately considered to be one of the more influential thinkers of the 2oth century, was an open homosexual. He was also a frequenter of the s/m leather bars and bathhouses in San Francisco, before his death from AIDS in 1984. That a Catholic priest would recommend the work of Foucault to anyone as an authority on matters of sexuality is just unbelievable.

Catholic News Service reported that the provincial of Belgium-Holland said, "'We distance ourselves completely from the comments by Father H. Spronck' and the order suspended him 'from all delegated authority' within the Salesian order."

Yes, but how did he get there in the first place?

Mary Help of Christians, pray for us!

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