Friday, May 20, 2011

October 15 Rosary Rally!

Fr. Peyton's Rosary Crusade , with its trip to San Francisco, presented for us a Catholic City, which drew one of the largest crowds of worshippers to ever assemble in our land. What a contrast with the present state of affairs, where religion and the purity of the Mother of God is derided.

May Governor Pat Brown of 1961, present at the Rosary Crusade, touch the heart of his son Jerry Brown now governor, so that he mighty return to the faith he once so proudly professed.

I was a priest of eleven years when the governor and civic leaders gathered with the clergy, religious and more than half a million believers in the intercessory power of the Mother of God.

We desperately need another crusade: Our October rally will publicly honor the Queen of Peace -- a peace we so urgently seek.

Fr. Peyton's crusades were gigantic. I remember well the tens of thousands of devotees who also left an indelible mark on Los Angeles.

Now once again our Catholics have a wonderful opportunity to publicly honor the Mother God and seek redress for the sins of our City and State. Mark your calendar and plan to attend on October 15.

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