Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fr. Z Calls on AB. Niederauer, Card. Wuerl to Tell Pelosi NOT to Present Herself For Communion

It's been more than five years since Fr. Malloy wrote:

"Yes, Nancy, we would all like it if you were not so vocally pro-choice , i.e. pro-death. Until your choice is in line with  Catholic doctrine, please, Nancy, do not receive the Eucharist when you attend Mass."

On Tuesday, the good Fr. Z urged Archbishop Niederauer and Cardinal Wuerl to say the same thing:

I call upon Archbishop Niederauer and Card. Wuerl openly to state that Rep. Pelosi should not present herself for Holy Communion in their respective dioceses.

Nancy Pelosi considers it consistent with what Catholics do to take a stand against the bishops in favor of a policy that would force Catholic institutions to violate the teachings of her Church.

Pelosi, as a highly public figure, there are few more visible. She is committing the mortal sin of scandalizing the faithful in a matter which unquestionably grave matter. There has been all manner of discussion concerning her and the issues of abortion, contraception, when life begins, etc. She can’t plead ignorance of the Church’s teachings. She continues to be openly, publicly, scandalous in these matters.

Now, she is taking an open stand against the American bishops – precisely claiming her catholic identity – in favor of a manifest attack on the Catholic Church by the most aggressively pro-abortion President we have ever seen."

Canon Lawyer and Referendary of Apostolic Signatura, Dr. Ed Peters agrees:

"As a canon lawyer, my view is that Nancy Pelosi deserves to be deprived of holy Communion as the just consequence of her public actions; as her fellow Catholic, my view is that Nancy Pelosi deserves to be deprived of holy Communion to bring home to her and to the wider faith community the gravity of her conduct and the need to avoid such conduct altogether or, that failing, at least to repent of it. Quickly."

That is certainly correct. But even if they do tell her not to present herself, my opinion is she will anyway.

Gibbons J. Cooney

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