Thursday, July 12, 2012

Arlington Bishop Asserts Responsibility for Catholic Teaching, Demands Fidelity From Sunday School Teachers

About time. Way to go, Bishop Loverde!

From the Washington Post:

Sunday School teachers protest oath on Catholic teachings

"Kathleen Riley knows her beliefs on the male-only priesthood and contraception put her at odds with leaders of her church. But as a fifth-generation Catholic who went to a Catholic school and grew up to teach in one, Riley feels the faith deeply woven through her.

So when her Arlington, Va., parish asked for volunteers last summer to teach Sunday school, she felt called by the Holy Spirit to say yes. A year later, the 52-year-old computer scientist feels the same spirit calling her to say no.

Last month, Riley joined at least four other Sunday school teachers and resigned from her post at St. Ann’s parish after a letter arrived at her home requiring her — and all teachers in the Arlington Catholic Diocese — to submit “of will and intellect” to all of the teachings of church leaders...."

If they don't believe in the faith, they most certainly should resign.  Let's hope other Dioceses follow Bihop Loverde's responsible example. I hope they apply it to RCIA, too, which was an absolute penance when I did it..

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